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The Leader of Linear Motion System

MID自西元1997創立,以累積的卓越專越技術與務實可靠的原則,專營於交叉滾柱軸承等製造,符合現今客戶的需求,並於2006年取得ISO 14001與ISO 9001認證;本公司更因應需求開發各種小型線性元件,以儘速跟上半導體產業與設備微型化趨勢的發展。



Korean company MID is meeting the needs of the times by specializing in the production of Cross Rollers on the basis of technical expertise and enterprise reliability that have been accumulated since the company was established in 1997.


MID certified with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 in 2006. While it is requested to develop small linear components as soon as possible to keep step with the development of semiconductor industry and equipments that are increasingly miniaturized.


MID has enhanced the expertise and enabled the company to compete with foreign enterprises through thorough researches and developments.

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