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ADP Adapter Sleeves


斯立福精密工業有限公司成立於西元2007年4月,係本公司-協昌軸承有限公司所轉投資之企業,以台灣先進的全套CNC數控車床和加工中心,專業生產緊定套及精密螺母。生產過程中嚴格按ISO 9000品質管理體系的標準,控制各生產環節的質量,公司產品的品質已在同行業中處於領先水準,並得到客戶認可;公司以”持續改進、不斷創新”的管理理念,力求成為世界一流的軸承附件專業生產企業。

斯立福精密工業有限公司的經營管理團隊具有豐富的軸承生產經驗和知識,包括產品的設計、生產製造、軸承應用及現場經驗,並運用到生產緊定套、退卸套等軸承附件的設計生產中,嚴格按照ISO品質管理體系:ISO 9001:2000標準控制產品的生產和檢驗過程,對於套筒的形位公差、表面粗糙度進行了更嚴格的控制,以更有利於保證安裝後軸承精度的延續。

Ningbo Eurotec Precision Industry Co., Ltd. reinvested by Hsieh Chang Bearing and was founded in 2007 taking the form of FDI (foreign direct invest) . We specialize in the field of bearing accessories manufacturing and our products are marketed with the brand name-ADP.


The ultimate goal of this company's very existence has been the commitment of delivering higher value against each dollar spent by our customers. You'll find our major differentiation proves to be value-adding. We are specialized to produce bearing accessories, i.e. adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves(extraction sleeves), lock nuts, locking washers, precision lock nut for machine tools, hydraulic nut for mounting and dismounting rolling bearings.


Eurotec Precision Industry is an innovative company. A couple of patented products are developed. The management team is headed by a seasoned application engineering manager who was working for one of the multinational bearing manufacturing companies for many years. All the team members are also from precision bearing industry. Descending from the culture of precision bearing manufacturing, we lay special eyes on the finished product precisions of roundness and run-out of inner & outer bores, and taper deviation even there is no criterion of any kind provided by ISO standard (ISO 9001: 2000, certified by TUV NORD CERT GmbH). Those proactively quality-oriented manufacturing from raw materials all the way down to finished products are precisely the drive that makes us the qualified supplier for one of the famous bearing manufacturer in Japan.

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